ZB 60B

HandBag Bottom Gluing Machine
  • ZB 60B
  • ZB 60B


ZB60B Handbag Bottom gluing Machine. The bag bottom will be pasted by water soluble glue after being positioned. This machine has features automatic compaction and delivery of bag output one by one.With the frequency control of motor speed, the user can adjust the glue thickness and position according to requirements. Its high precision, fast speed and easy operation significantly improve your bag quality, shorten delivery time and expand operational capacity.

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Technical parameter

Bottom Width 70-170mm
Bag Width 180-450mm
Bag Height 200-500mm
Sheet Weight 120-250g/m2
Total Power 3kw
Machine Size 8140x1600x1380mm
Speed 50-90 bags/min
Total Weight 2T
Glue Type Water soluble cold gule

Process flow

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