ZB 700C S-240

Fully Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
  • ZB 700C S-240
  • ZB 700C S-240
  • ZB 700C S-240
  • ZB 700C S-240


ZB700CS-240 Sheet feeding paper bag making machine, Zenbo is the first invention of top folding function(insert pasting), possess independent patents. This machine has service for milk packaging, wine packaging, beverage packaging, and clothes packaging etc, paper bag industry, which gets favorable comments by the market.
This model creates the high-speed automatic paper bag production. Adopts with PLC and Servo control system, reserve of extensible intelligent port for future system upgrades and remote services.
The basic working flow is sheet feeding, positioning, top folding (insert pasting), tube forming, gusset forming, bottom open, bottom gluing, compaction and output.
All these steps increase the bag making efficiency and save a lot of labor cost, replace the traditional manually paper bag making way. Realize automation, intelligent and high efficiency production requirement, which achieve the leading level in the world.

Technical parameter

Max.Sheet(LxW) 720x460mm
Min.Sheet(LxW) 325x215mm
Sheet Weight 120g-250g/m2
Bag Height 150-385mm
Bottom Width 60-110mm
Bag Width 110-240mm
Top Folding Depth 30-50mm
Total Power 11kw
Machine Size 14700x2300x1800mm
Speed 50-80bags/min
Total Weight 12T
Glue Type Water soluble cold glue(hot-melt glue)

Process flow

Understand the process flow

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