Mar. 26, 2019 Deputy secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Mr. Yao Gaoyuan visited ZENBO for investigation and guidance


At noon on March 6th, Wenzhou Municipal Committee deputy secretary, Mayor Yao Gaoyuan, and deputy mayor of Wenzhou City, Wang Chi and his entourage came to Zenbo for research and guidance. Ruian Municipal Committee deputy secretary, Mayor Ma Shengcong, Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee Shi Juyao, and Director of Municipal Economic and Information Bureau Tu Xiuming accompany the research.

Mayor Yao and his entourage walked into Zenbo Parts CNC Center, Production Assembly Workshop and Finished Product Display Workshop, Listen to the introduction of enterprise.

Fan Minglong, the general manager of the company, introduced the production process of Zenbo products. The company always insists on ‘Independent research and development with technological innovation’. The product has positioned in the high-end market and has become the first draft organization of the paper bag making machine industry standard. It is the invisible champion in the industry segmentation.

Mayor Yao fully affirmed the company’s research and development strength. He was pleased that Zenbo has won more than 20 invention patents, and the product is more cost-effective than similar products at home and abroad.

In the following discussion, Fan Minglong introduced Ruian’s printing machinery industry. It has a long history since the state-owned enterprise Ruian Printing Machinery Factory in the 1980s. In recent years, through the efforts of our generation, the printing machinery industry in Wenzhou today can production of a single million-level product. Now domestic and foreign customers come to Wenzhou to purchase equipment, not only because the price of the product is cheap, but also because our equipment is recognized by the market both in terms of quality and technical content. Now foreign customers have a new understanding of Chinese manufacturing.

Mayor Yao kindly inquired that whether the company had encountered difficulties in the development process, and talked about his own views on the talent introduction problem reflected by the company. Mayor Yao affirmed that Zenbo can retain high-end talents in the industry.

At the same time, Mayor Yao said that it is a common problem that entrepreneurs generally reflect. It is the common wish of every enterprise to work together to strengthen the regional industry. It is necessary for the government and enterprises to work together to strengthen the industry and give play to the leading role of leading enterprises to promote industrial development. Using acceleration and move to a new height.